Pros and Cons for all of the GOP Candidates

A snapshot in time of my pros and cons for all of the GOP candidates

Herman Cain said recently, "I've got all of this stuff twirling around in my head."  Well, so do I, and its all the pluses and minuses about all of the GOP candidates; and that includes facts and figures about them and subjective feelings on my part.  I'm trying to put together a calculus that results in the person I'm going to vote for.

Other questions I'm considering: Do I vote for someone who has a shot at winning or coming in second?  Or do I pull the lever on a candidate that I know has no chance, but I like?

Apologies to the 3rd and 4th tier candidate boosters but I ignored Buddy Roemer and Gary Johnson in the list below.  I haven't given them much thought.  In my analysis, I tried to pretend all of the candidates below were polling equal to each other.

Let the hate mail begin.


Pros: executive experience as governor and in private enterprise; perceived by many as being the most electable; strong financial background that should be key in fixing this country's fiscal problems

Cons: untrustworthy due to a history of appearing to conveniently change his mind for political benefit; that leads some to wonder whether he actually has core beliefs at all; liberal policies and/or statements on his record; because of Romneycare, once in office, would he truly champion rolling back Obamacare?; his Mormanism may be a factor to some



Pros: has deep and broad knowledge of policy and history; can speak intelligently and extemporaneously on a wide array of topics showing how smart he is; strong demeanor in debates; perceived to be most effective against Obama in debates

Cons: does not have strong executive experience; big concerns about his electability vs. Obama; has backed liberal policies in the past/has not been a strong conservative through his entire career; has a lot of “baggage” (even if some believe much of it was unfair); has a reputation for being a disorganized and unfocused leader; he comes from the House of Representatives from which a president has rarely been elected; is sometimes undisciplined when he speaks (see Paul Ryan’s right-wing social engineering); is against liberal policies except when they're his ideas; is the consummate “Worshington” insider benefitting financially from his connections; his tenure as “historian” (as he describes it) for Fannie Mae is not believable



Pros: executive experience as governor; good record of job growth; has a demeanor that comes across as a regular guy

Cons: poor debate showings and concerns of how he would fare against Obama in debates; has backed some questionable liberal policies such as free tuition for illegal immigrants; he’s another Texas cowboy governor…how will that play?; seemed ill prepared in many ways for running for president



Pros: executive experience as governor; experience with powerful rival China

Cons: despite conservative record seems to be purposely trying to woo the young slacker vote, therefore I don’t believe he is a true conservative; backs liberal boondoggles such as fighting global warming



Pros: solid conservative credentials and record

Cons: prone to making gaffes; if she is not already polarizing, she will be made that by the media and Hollywood; is known for not listening to her handlers very well and firing off like a loose cannon; comes from the House of Representatives from which a president has rarely been elected



Pros: never held a position in government before; charismatic speaker; likable guy; conservative

Cons: never held a position in government before; gaffe-prone; does not have a deep or broad understanding of domestic or foreign policy



Pros: strong fiscal conservatism; strong constitutional beliefs

Cons: older than any modern major presidential candidate; perceived to be not electable by many; naive, borderline offensive, foreign policy outlook where he blames America first; he comes from the House of Representatives from which a president has rarely been elected



Pros: reliable conservative; displays a moderate to deep knowledge of history and policy

Cons: as a former-Senator does, not have executive experience; whiny persona may not contrast well in debates against Obama; has not figured out to nuance his extreme social conservative views to be more palatable to libertarians and moderates (and I don't mean he needs to run away from them, just explain them in a less scary way)


Feel free to add more suggestions of factors to be considered.  I'll be sure to post when I settle on someone, and why.

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