Town Notes: Police Bringing CERT to Bedford

Town Council also agrees to purchase 29 acres of land.

Conservation Addition

The Bedford Town Council this week agreed to purchase 29 acres of conservation land at a cost of $49,000.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the town to add to the McQuade Brook land," said interim Bedford Town Manager Crystal Dionne.

Since the current property consists of 17 existing acres, the property will expand to 46 acres of conservation and wetlands.

The funds for the purchase will be taken from the town's conservation reserve fund and there will be no tax impact, added Dionne.

CERT Coming to Bedford

Bedford Police, this week, asked the Town Council to give their blessing for a the creation of a Community Emergency Response Team. Councilors did so, unanimously.

Representatives from the New Hampshire and Goffstown CERT programs joined Bedford Police Captain Daniel Douidi Wednesday to present the idea to the council.

Organizers explained the program – which is funded through a grant provided by Homeland Security and FEMA – calls to local citizens to volunteer for emergency response and recovery efforts, and to spread the word in terms of preparedness.

A 26-hour course is required for anyone wishing to join and nobody is prohibited from participating.

Those completing the course will be prepared to take care of themselves and help those around them, without the help of local emergency response teams for 72-96 hours. Skills learned include traffic control, clean up, running a shelter and more.

The lone commitment from the town, explained Douidi, is a $17 insurance cost per person, per year.

Those interested in participating are encouraged to contact the or email Gocek1R@Comcast.net.

Pawn Ordinance

Detective Lieutenant Michael Griswold also joined Douidi to ask the Bedford Town Council to pass an ordinance that requires all business that participate in pawning or consignment to get a $50 permit that mandates records be kept for all items purchased.

By maintaining these records, businesses such as Naser Jewelers and Jonathan Jewelers, which pay cash for gold, will have information readily available for police should there be an investigation into a local theft.

Similarly, the ordinance would apply to businesses such as Game Stop, which purchases used games.

Any business that chooses not to obtain a permit will be closely monitored to ensure they are not still purchasing items to sell.

The Council supported the initiative.


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