NH Democrats Gird for Tough 2012 Battle

Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen knock Mitt Romney.

For Democrats, it didn't make any difference that Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday night.

As far as they are concerned, all of the Republican presidential candidates are against the middle class and President Barack Obama is for the middle class and they are confident the American people will see that in November.

State Democrats gathered at the Puritan Conference Center in Manchester on Tuesday night for one of 25 Obama for America-New Hampshire events to rally the troops for the task at hand.

During a livestream webcast, Vice President Joe Biden told them, "We're going to win this thing. The country is ready to move. We just have to clear some brush."

Biden also said that Republicans "are not bad folks. They just don't know what this country is about."

Biden said he and President Obama have spent the last three years trying to undo the policies Republicans adopted during the Bush administration that led to the bad economy. At the heart of the Obama administration are policies that are geared to help the middle class, Biden said.

"All Barack and I are trying to do is to get them to a level playing field," Biden said.

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH, said it doesn't matter who the Republican presidential candidate will be who will go up against President Obama. "They are all the same color" in terms of their economic policies, she said.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said she doesn't fear Mitt Romney because when Romney made the comment on Monday that he likes firing people, it just shows how little he knows about the real world.

"The only way that Mitt Romney is so familiar with pink slips is because he has given so many out," she said.

Biden said Romney has shown that cares more about allowing the shareholders and investors of different companies do well and not the people who work for those companies.

But Biden and Shaheen both said there is a great deal of work to do to ensure that President Obama gets another term in office so he can continue to work that is needed to help America recover from the recession.

"This is just a dry run today for what we have to do nine months from now," Shaheen said.


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