It's Official: Nyquist Files Paperwork for Recount

Results of District 9 race could swing the balance of power in NH Senate.

Each candidate was awake into the early morning hours as voting results were tabulated and reported in towns such as Dublin, Richmond, Sharon, Temple and Troy.

And when all ballots from all 14 District 9 communities were counted, it was Republican Andy Sanborn who proved victorious, holding on for a 210 vote triumph against Democrat Lee Nyquist.

Today, Nyquist filed the appropriate paperwork with Sec. of State Bill Gardner, and a recount will take place in the race.

According to NH RSA 660:1, which governs post-election proceedure, Nyquist had until this Friday to file for the recount, which will cost him $50 because the margin of defeat was less than one percent.

The law also states that the recount must take place prior to the Wednesday following the deadline, meaning District 9 voters will know who their state senator is by the end of the day Wednesday, Nov. 14, at the latest.

"We feel it's important that every vote be counted and be counted accurately," said Nyquist. "This race is obviously very close, under the closest margin of error, in fact. "It's incredible to know that 15,225 people voted for me and I owe it to them to carry this out through all possible avenues to be sure the correct outcome is established."

Though Sanborn Nyquist captured the vote in 10 of the remaining 13 District 9 towns. In total, Sanborn finished the race with 15,435 votes to Nyquist's 15,225.

Sanborn says he would not likely call for a recount if the situation were reversed.

"I'm disappointed that Mr. Nyquist would continue to want to waste taxpayer dollars on a frivolous goose chase and I'm confident that the voters made their decision and we should all be sticking by it," said Sanborn. "To the best of my knowledge. there has never been that many wrong ballots in the state of New Hampshire. For this race to be overturned, you'd have to go with the assumption one in 275 ballots is wrong, and with today's technology, I simply don't believe that's possible."

Still, Sanborn acknowledged how important the result of his race is to the balance of Granite State power.

"There is no question that all eyes in New Hampshire should be on this recount because the true balance of the senate, the house and the governorship all ride on my race," he said. "Most people are usually concerned when the legislature and governor's office belong to the same party because there are no checks or balances. Last time we saw that, in 2006 and 2008, we saw the state's budget jump 25 percent and 100 new taxes and fees instituted, so I'd say it's imperative that the Republicans maintain the majority, so we can try to keep this balance in check."

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Just my 2 cents November 08, 2012 at 02:05 PM
I am very pleased that the Nyquist campaign had decided to have a recount. 15,225 voters in District 9 did their research and prefer Lee Nyquist’s approach to Granite State issues that need attention.
Apljak November 08, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Good Luck Andy! I know Bedford did what it could to help out! Hopefully some mysterious "provisional" ballots don't materialize!


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