Who Won and Who Lost Thursday's Ames, Iowa GOP Debate?

Our Question of the Day for August 12 asks you which GOP presidential candidate did best and who did worst at last night's Iowa debate.

Did you watch last night's GOP debate? Perhaps you followed ? Maybe you attended one of several around the state?

We're looking for your feedback on the debate and would like to determine who you think took a positive step forward and who may have fallen back.

Did you have a better feel for the candidates as a whole and as individuals?

Do you think Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty helped or hurt themselves with their back-and-forth banter?

Did Mitt Romney help himself by staying out of the fray?

Do you see Rick Santorum in a different light now that he's had an opportunity to present himself and his positions to the United States?

By coming out of his shell and showing his "feisty" side, as one Bedford resident observed, did Newt Gingrich place himself back in the mix?

Tell us your thoughts in our comment section below.


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