Huckabee Says Romney Should Pick Rubio for VP [VIDEO]

Junior U.S. Senator from Florida a hot name among potential Romney running mates.

Mike Huckabee chuckled when asked if he would consider running on the same ticket with Mitt Romney.

"Let's see if my phone is ringing, I don't think anybody has called," said Huckabee as he laughed and reached into his pocket for his cell phone. "No, not yet. But if they do I'll let you know."

Who then, would make the best choice?

"You know, I've personally said I love Marco Rubio," said Huckabee of his former Florida campaign chairman. "I was the first person to endorse him when he ran for the senate, when everybody thought there was no way he was going to beat Charlie Crist, and I think, you know, he has so many skills and abilities.

"There's a lot of people who can be on the ticket with Mitt Romney and do well," he continued. "Whoever Mitt chooses I think it's going to be a very methodical and thoughtful choice on his part .. and I'm going to be supportive no matter who he selects."

However, Rubio, a junior U.S. senator (R-Fla) and rising star in the Republican party, has said he's not interested in the position.

"Nobody ever says they're interested," said Huckabee. "If someone is asked for that opportunity, it's then a matter of service to your country ... at that point you feel as obligated as if you were being drafted for something of great significance and consequence.

"I've always said the vice presidency is the job that nobody ever wants and nobody turns down," he added.

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