Gov. Hassan Kicks Off Food Bank Campaign in Bedford

She was at Harvest Market to help kick off the New Hampshire Food Bank's "Nothing Campaign."

Gov. Maggie Hassan at Harvest Market in Bedford on Wednesday, purchasing the first can of "Nothing" to kick off the New Hampshire Food Bank's "Nothing Campaign."
Gov. Maggie Hassan at Harvest Market in Bedford on Wednesday, purchasing the first can of "Nothing" to kick off the New Hampshire Food Bank's "Nothing Campaign."
Gov. Maggie Hassan was in Bedford on Wednesday morning to help kick off the New Hampshire Food Bank's "Nothing Campaign."

She visited the Harvest Market on Route 101 at 11 a.m. to encourage New Hampshire citizens to join the fight against food insecurity and thank the New Hampshire Food Bank, the New Hampshire Grocers Association, Citizens Bank and other partners of the "Nothing Campaign" for their efforts to strengthen New Hampshire’s families and communities.

In its second year, the New Hampshire Food Bank’s “Nothing Campaign” is designed to raise funds to fight hunger and heighten awareness around the state about the more than 140,000 New Hampshire residents who are food insecure.

Last year, the campaign raised more than $107,000 by selling cans of “Nothing” at retailers across the state for $5, which are then filled and returned with donations. For more information, visit http://nothing.org/nh/.
Apljak March 04, 2014 at 09:13 PM
Nice campaign but "Food Insecurity"?
jpf2361 March 05, 2014 at 11:04 AM
Maggie "Tax & Spend" Hassan is INCOMPETENT !!! Her supposrt of the latest plan for Medicaid expansion is disingenuous at best. Does Maggie really expect us (the taxpayers of NH) to believe that WHEN (Not if) the Fed's stop paying 100% for expanding Medicaid that the Democrat controlled House will actually STOP this program for some 50,000 to 80,000 citizens of NH??? This is a PIPE DREAM and will only lead to a SALES TAX and or INCOME TAX in NH to fund this unnecessary expansion. Which will mean the NH ADVANTAGE will disappear and so will thousands of Jobs. The expansion in Arkansas and Maine has NOT lowered their costs as projected and in FACT has RAISED the expenses for this program which is exactly what will happen here in NH. It's time to stop the madness.
Charles Pewitt March 05, 2014 at 11:31 AM
GOV. HASSAN IS FLOODING REFUGEES INTO NH...HASSAN USES REFUGEES TO RAISE RENTS AND LOWER WAGES......Gov. Hassan is conspiring with SHAHEEN, SHEA-PORTER, and KUSTER to destroy the public school systems in Laconia, Concord, Manchester, and Nashua by drastically increasing the numbers of refugees flowing into New Hampshire. Gov. Hassan is doing the bidding of landlords and business owners. Hassan makes sure that landlords get massive cash infusions from the U.S. government to house the refugees. Hassan makes sure business owners such as GOP cheap labor hog Steve Duprey get a continuous supply of refugees to exploit. Hassan and Duprey are working together to pauperize and immiserate the native-born New Hampshire people. Instead of paying a native-born worker $15 or $20 bucks an hour with benefits and a pension, Steve Duprey and his fellow cheap labor hogs use refugees and immigrants for cheap labor. Duprey gets his pals in government to house the refugees at the expense of native-born workers. The money-grubbers in the Refugee industry get big salaries and benefits from the government for flooding the refugees into New Hampshire. The whole damn refugee resettlement program is a damn scam. Go to REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WATCH.com for all the nasty details. Hassan and Duprey are wealthy politicians who do not care one whit about the average person in New Hampshire. Hassan and GOP cheap labor hog Duprey are two perfect baby boomer representatives of treasonous and evil money-grubber scoundrels. We need political leaders who will put America and Americans first. It is long past time for Gov. Hassan to put the interests of New Hampshire people ahead of the interests of greedy slobs and foreigners. Hassan should call for a two year moratorium on all refugee resettlement into New Hampshire.


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