Huntsman-Gingrich Debate a Snoozer

Twitterverse in agreement that Manchester event was far from thrilling.

One of the more humorous moments of Monday's Newt Gingrich-Jon Huntsman Lincoln-Douglas style debate in Manchester came when Huntsman noted that the debate was putting his daughter to sleep.

"I can see my daughter nodding off over there," he said.

Of course, no sooner was that comment made than the Twitterverse exploded with comments from people watching the debate both in person and online who were similarly bored by the civil tone of discourse:

@BritannyWasHere: #Huntsman's daughter dozing off. She is not the only one. Good thing they realize that they are boring as of right now.

@newsagg: I guess they're old buds. Still waiting for them to DISTINGUISH THEMSELVES from one another! zzzzzzzzz

@alisonkingNECN: It is substantive but there is virtually no engagement between the two candidates. #zzzzzz

@BritannyWasHere: This debate isn't boring because it has substance it's boring because its not a debate.

@timothy_stanley: Ronald Reagan would be asleep by now. Wish I were.

@ZekeJMiller: My Ustream feed of the #LDDebate just went to commercial for the third time. A welcome break from the monotony.

The key reason most people cited for the dullness of the debate was that Gingrich and Huntsman seemed to agree on almost everything:

@RSLtid: Why didn't the two just have a press conference after the "debate" and say, "We agree on everything"

@jmsummers: Will be listening to tape tonight to count how many times the phrase "I agree" has been said at #LDDebate.

@rileysise: #LDdebate with @jonhuntsman and @newtgingrich isn't Lincoln-Douglas debate at all. Its them agreeing with each other w/ long winded answers

@MarlenaCNN: #Huntsman again agrees with #Gingrich. This is the most cordial debate I've ever seen

Bob Moore December 13, 2011 at 05:56 AM
JON HUNTSMAN is anti-establishment & the most successful Governor alive :::FACTS:: as Governor, REFORMED healthcare (w/out mandate), education, & taxes. PEW ranked #1 governed state. Now state #1 eduation spending, #1 JOB GROWTH. often >90% approval in office. Passed pro-life amendments. Safeguarded 2nd amendment. Now, WSJ ranked economic plan ***MOST FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE*** & UNLIKE NEWT AND MITT, wants to: end too-big-to-fail, drastically cut deficit with Paul Ryan sized cuts, end loopholes, end subisidies, flatten, simplify taxes, reform Congressional lobbying :::END FACTS::: Newt is polarizing, a DC idea man, not a consistent sturdy leader. Romney is a phony. He literally says whatever the majority of his audience wants to hear at any given moment. If he doesn't want to answer a question, he evades it, talks in circles, and changes the subject by attacking Obama. Most of all, he's a PROVEN FAILURE... he left Governor's office with 34% approval! Everything that's wrong with Newt and Mitt, is right with Jon Huntsman. He's the one! He's the one who can beat Obama and unite this country! GIVE HIM A FIRST LOOK!!!


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