Candidate Q&A: Walter Gallo Wants Your Vote

The longtime library foundation trustee is running in one of three contested Bedford races.

Walter Gallo has been a Bedford Foundation Library Trustee for 15 years. On Tuesday, March 13, he'll run against challenger for a three-year seat as library trustee.


Bedford Patch: In addition to your long tenure as library foundation trustee, what other qualifications do you offer?

Gallo: I've been a Bedford resident for 42 years, I'm a retired vice president at St. Anselm College and a retired Marine Corps Colonel. I've been co-chair of the Library and Riley Recreation Complex fund raising campaigns. I've also been trustee at the Palace Theatre (in Manchester) and the Hillcrest Retirement Community, and I'm a NH board member of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.        


Bedford Patch: Why are you running?

Gallo: I am running for library trustee because there is an opening and with my many years as a library Foundation trustee, I have much to give in service to the library including education, time, experience and a strong desire to serve.         


Bedford Patch: What challenges do you foresee during the next three years as library trustee?

Gallo: Keeping the taxes down and still maintain the quality of living in Bedford. I can help by volunteering my time where needed and encourage others to do the same.  


Bedford Patch: If re-elected, what are your top goals?

Gallo: My main goal is to assist in maintaining our library as one of the best in the state. I would like to verify the need to expand the size of the library and further, see if the residents can raise enough private funds to complete the project.


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