Bass, Guinta Locked in Battle Over Districts

The two Congressmen must come to an agreement this week.

While legislators in Concord discuss redistricting House, Senate and Executive Council districts in New Hampshire, U.S. Reps. Frank Guinta and Charles Bass are consumed in their own redistricting battle, according to an article on WMUR Channel 9's Political Scoop. (http://politicalscoop.wmur.com/bass-guinta-at-stalemate-over-congressional-redisitricting).

According to a story by James Pindell, New Hampshire Republicans have essentially told Bass and Guinta to figure out their congressional districts, which has resulted in a six-month, "low-key internal party fight" behind the scenes. They've got until the end of this week to figure it out, the article says. The point is to even out the districts, which are currently 200-300 votes apart from being even in population.

"House and Senate leaders don’t want any dramatic change, nor does Guinta," the article says. "[Bass] wants Republican towns like Merrimack, Hampstead and Plaistow added to his district. (And like back in 2000, he is still talking about grabbing Bedford for his district, a basic non-starter given its roots with Manchester.) These changes would be offset by giving Plymouth and areas further north to Guinta’s First Congressional District."

Barry Doubleday February 21, 2012 at 09:52 PM
This just goes to show you that these 2 are typical politicians who can't put aside they're huge egos long enough to remember why they were elected in the first place, to help bring change to Washington. It's like 2 land barons deciding what's theirs!
ForThePeople February 22, 2012 at 02:33 AM
Precisely. Don't vote for this nonsense. Rigging the districts to get yourself elected- no matter what political party- is a distasteful part of politics.


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