Women's Club Aims to Make Bedford Safer

BWC partners with Bedford PD to raise awareness this week.

What makes property vulnerable?

How do you avoid robbery in parking lots?

Should you be concerned about unknown vehicles in your neighborhood?

How should you react to phone solicitation?

On Thursday, Feb. 23 Officer Danielle Nightengale of the Bedford Police Department will answer all these questions and more when she speaks on “Personal Safety and Self Defense” at the Fellowship Hall at the Bedford Presbyterian Church.

The program begins at 11:30 a.m as part of the monthly meeting of the Bedford Women’s Club. For more information, contact Bobbe Fairman at 472-5658.

The Bedford Women’s Club is open to women who are interested in fostering social and cultural relationships as well as providing scholarships and charitable contributions. Active Membership is a category appropriate for women who can attend midday meetings. Associate Membership is a category available to Bedford women whose commitments prevent them from attending monthly meetings. Associate Members may participate in club interest groups and serve on committees. General membership meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month from September through May unless otherwise designated.  Prospective members should contact Chris Buffey at 935-7228 or Terry Chapman at 472-3642.


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