Village Comics In Bedford NH Reviews Velvet #2

village comics 196 Rt 101 Bedford NH www.villagecomics.net
village comics 196 Rt 101 Bedford NH www.villagecomics.net
For anyone who has listened to our Podcast in the past knows how much I gushed over Velvet #1.  A book filled with some James Bond type characters, backgrounds and story. Through the course of the first book we discover that Velvet, once a super spy, is now parading around as a secretary and through a few chance happenings is thrust back into the world that she had left behind long ago.  The first issue was a great read and really a well done book.  This character Velvet is someone who you quickly like and root for as she battles her own organization.  Book number two lives up to what issue number one gave us.  Issue two picks up where one left off and the race for Velvet to save her life and prove her innocence continues on.  Car chases, hand to hand combat and all the rest of the great stuff you would expect to find in a great spy novel or movie are all here in a well written and well drawn book.  Velvet #1 and #2 are must reads and are available at Village Comics in Bedford NH www.villagecomics.net. -K


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