Village Comics in Bedford NH Reviews The Occultist # 3 (of 5)

village comics 196 Rt 101 Bedford NH www.villagecomics.net
village comics 196 Rt 101 Bedford NH www.villagecomics.net
It is no secret that we here at Village Comics have a soft spot for all things Revival and that includes the artwork and its writers Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.  Seeley and Norton have teamed up again on the 5 issue run of The Occultist.  Besides the art work inside and the superb writing there is very little that The Occultist has in common with Revival.  The Occultist stands on its own for a very unique take on the subject matter which includes astral projection, mind control, body swapping and the occasional sex scene out in the ethereal plane.  Books 1,2 and 3 are all very consistent yet by the end of #3 it really ramps up the action and leaves us with a cliff hanger that has me on the edge of my seat for #4.  Seeley and Norton just continue to produce some of the best work that is out there.  The only thing that is too bad is that it is a 5 issue series.  I think if this was going to be an ongoing series they might have had a chance to flesh out the characters more and provide us with a deeper back story to the main characters.  In Revival every cell of every book is relevant and serves a higher purpose to move the story along.  In The Occultist they have a limited amount of time and space to fill us in on motives and emotions.  If you are looking for a fun read and you appreciate good solid art and story telling then The Occultist will be the perfect read for you. -K


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